Collaborator: Secure Internet Communication

Stop using e-mail for project communication!

No Limit Technologies is a reseller of the Thoughtrealm Alliance Collaborator product. Alliance Collaborator uses Secure Internet Technology with a familiar desktop look and feel. This allows safe and secure coordination for everything related to your tasks and projects.

Alliance Collaborator allows you to...

  • Instantly check project status, discussions and file updates.
  • Easily track all activity related to a particular task or project.
  • Securely access project and task information from any internet connection.

Why Alliance Collaborator?

Simply put—if you work with two or more people on any type of collaborative task, and you are trying to stay informed via email and file attachments—you will LOVE Alliance Collaborator.

Call our office for more information on this state of the art product, or check back here soon for more information. Once you start using Collaborator, you'll wonder how your business survived without it!